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      OOO CNIP GIS is a compact, highly intelligent, innovative enterprise, able to fulfill a wide range of tasks rather quickly. These tasks embrace all kinds of geological prospecting works and some works at the deposits exploration stage.

      The success of the company has become possible due to the work of highly qualified specialists such as geologists, geophysicists and field men who know the subject profoundly and have long experience in the field of geological prospecting works and deposits exploration. The enterprise also uses the benefits of the computer network and contemporary software to process geological, geophysical and field information.

      OOO CNIP GIS has all the necessary certificates and licenses to fulfill its work. It is a highly competitive enterprise on the market because of productive human resource management, usage of software and technical means, a wide data base of geological information and minimization of managerial costs and overheads.


      The activity of CNIP GIS is a work with a wide range of tasks concerning all stages of geological prospecting works including pilot operating and deposits exploration:

 • Geological exploration works projecting; 

 • Design supervision of projects implementation;   

 • Development and support of standing geological and hydrodynamic deposits and oilfields models;  

 • Hydrocarbons in place calculation and approval at GKZ Rosnedra.

       The basic principles of our work are interactive mode of work with customers, quickness in decision making, usage of modern software and technical means, development of special research purposeful programs, maintenance and further application support of the tasks fulfilled.

       When supporting well-boring we work on line.



      The most important projects made by CNIP GIS employees are developments in the areas of:

  • GIS materials interpretation methods;
  • Oil and gas reserves assessment;
  • Geological exploration works projecting;
  • Conducting and processing technologies of the core quick study data
  • Methods of theintegrated interpretation of GIS, GTR and core data, testing in the open hole and hole well tests;
  • Well construction projecting;
  • Geological and hydrodinamic modelling;
  • Geological section prediction.

      The most important works of the CNIP GIS employees in the oil and gas reserves estimation: 

  • Medvezhie deposit – Cenomanian;
  • Jubileinoe deposit – Cretaceous and Jurasic deposits productive horizons;
  • Yamburg deposit – Neocomian and Achimov deposits productive horizons;
  • Bovanenkovskoe deposit – Lower Cretaceous and Jurasic deposits productive horizons;
  • Myljinskoe oil and gas condensate field of Tomsk region;
  • Lokhovskoe, Shumalginskoe, Karagaiskoe, Yakushinskoe, Sibirskoe and other deposits of the Urals
  • Dauletobadskoe gas field of Turkmenistan;
  • Srednebotuobinskoe, Tas-Yuryahskoe, Irelyahskoe, Verhnevilyuchanskoe, Talakanskoe, Chaiandinskoe oil and gas condensate fields;
  • Dolginskoe, Kyrtaelskoe, Southen Kyrtaelskoe deposits of European North;
  • Urengoiskoe deposit – Neocomian deposits productive horizon;
  • Harasaveiskoe gas condensate field;
  • Novoportovskoe oil and gas condensate field.





OOO“CNIP GIS” 117218, Moscow, B. Cheremushkinskaya str, 25, building 97, office 509. 

 Telephone/fax : +7(499)685-12-82 ; +7(499)685-12-80    e-mail: