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ООО «ЦНИП ГИС» Range of Tasks:


  • Geological exploration works projecting; 
  • Design supervision of the geological exploration works projects; 
  • Developing and support of digital 3-D standing oil and gas deposits geological models; 
  • Calculation and recalculation of oil and gas deposits reserves, a successful passing of the state examination and approval of hydrocarbons in place at GKZ Rosnedra;
  • Economic-geological evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves and resources;
  • Supervision of geological and geophysical works and studies of drilled wells of different uses on line (incoming geological and geophysical data interpretation, rapid adjustment of the core sampling intervals, GIS complex composition, the objects of testing in the open hole and hole well tests);
  • Core petrophysical laboratory studies;
  • Core quick study in the well;
  • Developing of interpretation methodology of the GIS materials in complexly structured sections and sections with unconventional reservoirs;
  • Examination of reports on hydrocarbons in place calculation and geological prospecting works projects;
  • Integrated interpretation of the GIS, GTR, core data, testings in the open hole and hole well tests;
  • Geological section prediction.





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